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Why Hiring A Wedding DJ Matters

If you are getting married soon, there are so many decisions to make. In addition to a caterer, venue, and photographer, one professional that can really set the tone for your entire event is the reception DJ. It is amazing what music can do to an evening. If your reception DJ is reading the room correctly, they can turn a fun reception into a party or a classy reception into an event to remember. However, if they are not paying attention, a DJ could actually cause some awkward moments, which is the last thing you want on your big day. Before you make your decision on who you are going to hire, you may want to think about the following factors.

A Guide for the Evening

A wedding DJ is much more than just music. Upon arrival, your guests may not know where exactly where to go or what to do. Sometimes wedding receptions can be chaotic with groups of people chatting and families reuniting after years and years. Instead of leaving guests to fend for themselves, reception DJs offer guidance and direction. They may make announcements every so often, keeping your guests apprised of upcoming events and photo ops. This will help all of your people to feel comfortable to really enjoy themselves, instead of having to try and figure out what is coming up next. 


There are several momentous occasions at most wedding receptions. When the bride and groom first make their appearance, for example. Instead of the couple just wandering in with a few people noticing, a reception DJ can introduce them with a bang. This is also true of the couple's first dance as bride and groom. Having a DJ introduce the moment just adds a little magic to the moment. Many reception DJs also offer to introduce speeches and people as well. It just depends on what you want.

Mood Music

Ultimately, the music played at your wedding will become special to you. Do not leave those songs up to chance or the radio. Hire a professional who knows how to highlight special moments and host a room. You will never regret hiring a professional DJ. 

In conclusion, a reception DJ has a lot more influence on your wedding than you may have previously thought. Instead of just letting one of your family member's friends have their first gig, it will probably be in your best interest to hire a professional. Look around for local reception DJs