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What You Need to Know About Renting Wedding Supplies

Working with a wedding supplies rental company is a good way to get the items you need to put on a great ceremony and a lovely reception. There are, however, a few things you need to keep in mind before you go looking for wedding rentals in your area. By building a checklist from these four items, you'll be in a better position when renting supplies.

Start with the Practical

Wedding days tend to be long days, and the reality is that you and your guests are going to have practical needs. Tables and chairs are absolute musts, and it's wiser to get a few too many than to risk ending up short. You should also consider how drinks, particularly water, will be made available. Try to have several stations where folks can hydrate.

Other practical considerations may include tents, especially when holding summer weddings in bright areas. Fans and air conditioners are also useful under such conditions. If you're holding a winter wedding in a cold region, you might also want to look into heating systems.

Inventory Everything Coming and Going

Especially if you're having a big wedding, keeping tabs on a million little items is essential. You're likely on the hook for any items that get lost, so keep an inventory of things like chairs and dishware as they come in. Use this inventory to then recheck everything before it is returned. Get supplies like legal pads and pens to ensure you're equipped to take an accurate count.

Know the Fees

Most equipment suppliers have to balance the demands of multiple customers, and that means they're very sensitive to the risk of cancellation. If there is a deposit, find out what it is and whether it's nonrefundable. Many companies will have staggered structures, such as offering half the deposit back if a cancellation occurs before a particular date. After that, though, they may take the whole deposit.

Similarly, know what the fees are for returning items late. It's doubtful that you're going to want to deal with equipment at the end of a long wedding day, and you may simply want to pay for an extra day upfront rather than incurring late fees.

Get Assistance

How much assistance the company offers in dealing with equipment is a big deal. You don't necessarily want to be fighting with a tent an hour before a ceremony, so ask what the company's setup and teardown policies are.

Call a wedding supplies rental company for more information.