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Wedding Photography Tips: Pose For These Fun But Unconventional Pictures

So much goes into planning your wedding. From picking just the right music that captures the love you have for your fiancé to finding a beautiful wedding gown that looks and feels just right, the bride makes so many choices. Be sure to choose a wedding photographer who is open to your view of the wedding. Then talk about all the shots you want to capture on your wedding day.

It's important to capture the traditional photographs with the wedding party and your families. However, also try to shake things up and consider more unusual shots on the day you get married, too. Talk to your wedding photographer about adding these fun but unconventional photos to your picture plans on your big day.

Re-enact Scenes from Your Favorite Wedding Movies 

Take the time to re-watch all your favorite wedding movies. Take notes about the best wedding scenes. On your wedding day, plan to recreate your very favorite scenes for a few special wedding photographs that will help you relive the romantic fantasies that were brought to life in those films.

Pose in Separate Shots with the People Who Are Working at Your Wedding

People who work at weddings often work long, exhausting hours and do so without regular employment. They choose to work in their fields for a variety of reasons. These freelancers or entrepreneurs typically have a lot of demands and pressure on the wedding day.

Take the time to show you appreciate everyone who is working at your wedding. Let them know you consider them an important part of your wedding day by inviting them to pose in some wedding day photos, too. Some may like the idea, while others might not be prepared for pictures. If they want to pose, take casual, simple photos with them. A photo where you are both smiling side by side is fine. Don't forget to include your photographer, too. A selfie may work best for someone used to being behind the camera.  

Take Prank Photos

Liven up your big day with a few, small pranks. Have your photographer on hand to capture the shenanigans. That way, you can hold on to the moments of surprise forever. Make sure all the pranks are light-hearted. They shouldn't embarrass anyone or incite potential anger. Also, prank only close family members who are known to have a healthy sense of humor.

Finally, be sure to discuss all your ideas with your wedding photographer. Ask for their insights. Although you may want to pull off some specific shots, your photographer may be able to explain why some things aren't feasible. They may also offer creative alternatives that you may like even better. When you have detailed discussions with your wedding photographer where you are open about your expectations, it helps set you up for success on your wedding day.