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Need A Wedding Venue? Consider All-Inclusive Offerings To Enhance The Experience

When you make plans for getting married, you may intend to have a beautiful ceremony and reception. Some couples are comfortable with planning everything on their own, but you may not look forward to the idea of hiring all sorts of vendors for your special day. The great thing is that you can find plenty of wedding venues that provide all-inclusive offerings.

Although you may understand that you can get the basic services such as an officiant and dining, you should also consider the extra offerings that can enhance your experience:

Limo Service

While you may plan on driving yourself to the wedding, you may also like the idea of getting limo service once the reception has concluded. This will give you a luxurious exit that will also come with premium services inside the limo, such as complimentary drinks and comfortable seating.

If the ceremony and reception are in different places, you can even have a limo pick you up after the ceremony and bring you to the reception.


While most weddings have a photographer to create everlasting memories through photos, you may also be interested in videography service. The videos can provide you with something special because you will not be able to capture the sound and action of the wedding in photos.

Moments such as walking down the aisle, cutting the wedding cake, and having the first dance are all things that you will love to have on video to look back on for the rest of your life.

Table Service

At most receptions, guests can go to an open bar and get drinks. You should look for an extra offering that provides table service to the bride and groom. This will keep you from having to get up to order drinks, and help you focus on socializing and spending time with everyone.

Professional DJ

Another service that you may want to get with your wedding venue package is a professional DJ. Being able to speak with the DJ beforehand or make certain requests can ensure that you will like all the music that is played during the ceremony and reception. Another benefit is that wedding venues offering this service will have a dedicated sound system to provide great acoustics.

Whether you decide to get some or all of these offerings when you reserve a reception venue, the availability of these extra services can ensure that you have a wonderful wedding experience on your special day.