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Take A Load Off -- 3 Reception Seating Options For Any Style

There are more choices available for today's brides and grooms than ever before. And with more choice comes more opportunity to personalize both your ceremony and your reception.

Take something as basic as seating arrangements. Modern receptions can benefit from all the possibilities in seating your guests. Here are 3 fun options for any reception location. 


The traditional reception seating is generally small groups of 6 or 8 people placed at individual tables. Those linen-covered tables are generally round, although you can spice things up by changing the shape. Want a more formal look? How about a more eclectic, memorable appearance? Try octagonal ones.

The advantage of traditional tables is that they are flexible for different types of reception venue arrangements and can be increased or decreased easily. They may also be less expensive than other types of furnishings and easier to find accessories for. 

Family Style

Growing in popularity is family style seating, which features long tables that seat anywhere from 20 to 40 guests. This style can be very formal and very stylish. It looks fantastic with fancy centerpiece and plate ware combinations.

You can adjust the amounts of tables according to the size of the reception venue -- such as one or two tables side by side to form an intimate setting or large tables placed in chains in a large reception location. 

Lounge Seating

Want to skip the formality of a full seated dinner? Toss out the traditional dinner tables and instead use comfortable furnishings, such as sofas, love seats, upholstered chairs, and coffee tables. Arrange them in small groupings close enough for guests to hear one another easily, but large enough to allow traffic flow. 

Lounge seating can be placed around the reception location -- both indoors and outside -- in any way that fits your space comfortably. It encourages mingling and conversation, and it relaxes the mood at your wedding. Provide plenty of different types of chairs -- both tall and short -- as well as lots of small tables for food placement. 

Work with the staff at a reception location like Gold Canyon Golf Resort and Spa to determine what types of rentals they offer and what different configurations can be managed in your space. You may have to work with practicalities like entry door placement, electrical connections, or food table placement. 

No matter what style of seating you choose -- from formal to eclectic -- you can find ways to make it reflect your own personality and the style of your wedding.