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Be Aware Of These Issues When Choosing Bridal Vendors

Bridal shows like Bridal Expo are perfect places to view the handiwork of several vendors all at once, but arranging for those vendors to work at your wedding is not just a matter of setting up a time and viewing a catalog. Each vendor handles their business differently, and it's essential you find those with whom you can work, given your timetable and desires. When talking to vendors at bridal shows, ask them about the following to get a better idea of whether they are the vendors who should be involved with your wedding.

Changing Staff and Limited Schedules

Some vendors are part-time—this is their side business. They may still be good, but that does mean they'll have less time to deal with your wedding arrangements than a vendor who works full-time. Another issue is whether the vendor representative at the show is the one who would handle your wedding.

Always check to see what amount of time the vendor spends on the business. How easy will it be to reach them if there's an issue that has to be handled immediately? For example, if you're looking at a dressmaker's display, find out how easy it would be for them to make last-minute modifications in the days before your wedding (nothing huge, just small adjustments). Would you be able to be squeezed in at the last minute, or would they be busy with their day job and not be able to help you until the next day?

Also, would they be the one working on your wedding? Be it the dress, the cake, or other features, you want to know who will be doing the work. If this is a decorator, for example, will this exact person be the one designing and overseeing the decorations, or will someone else in the same company be the designer?

Length of Time for Change Notifications

If there is a change to your wedding plans, how much notice will the vendor need? For example, if you find out that there will be someone at your wedding who just developed a severe peanut allergy, how much time would the caterer need to make adjustments to the menu? Obviously, that's not something that can be handled in a day, but you should find out the lead time for necessary changes.

Factors in Setting a Price

What exactly goes into the final price? For example, when asking about dress prices, does that include a certain number of adjustments, or is the price you're seeing just the dress itself? Does the cake price include delivery, or is that extra?

Bridal shows can vary, and at some you might get more information about prices, what's included, and so on than at others. But these shows are still a time to ask a lot of questions about how the vendors handle their work and any changes that pop up. Be sure to talk to a lot of vendors because you'll get a better idea of what to expect.